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Home of the self defense weapons known as the defenders…PDWS.Biz

Welcome to my website (Peter Brusso). Now, I have three websites with the defenders on them and it way too much time to add new products so I’m consolidating them into one website that is PDWS.Biz. Now if you are here to learn about the defenders then just hit the link and go over to our main site. However, if you are here for training videos then you are in the right place!

Also if you are here because you are interested in the First Earth Battalion or the Codes and Conspiracies TV show that Master Brusso is in [season 2, episode 6] you are in the right place just head over to his main website [PDWS.Biz

So, the link for is below:


I look forward to seeing you over at [Click here]

Master Peter  Brusso

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