Unlimited Online Training – Knife on knife fighting (three video set)


Unlimited online training so you can learn how to use a knife to defend against a knife… These three online video set is the gold standard for many knife on knife fighters.





This is a three video set where you will learn to pick a good knife and use it effectively. This isn’t for the weak of the stomach either and is just plain quick-killing technology. These techniques were taught to some in the military and other special forces organizations. Take a look at the trailer to see what you will learn, plus some of the demo techniques. Knife fighting will happen to you someday when you need to defend yourself, so why not learn it now!

This is a Vimeo video, so the “download” link is really a Vimeo link. Just put it in your browser, and you should be on Vimeo. Once you get access to the links, you will also have the download links as well.



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