Unlimited Online Training – Knife on a rope “knife throwing”


Unlimited online training for a knife on a rope. This is a must-skill for a prepper, survivalist, or anyone who is out in the wild.


This great video shows you how to use a knife on a 20′ cord for your self-defense. Based on a 1500-year-old Ninja weapon, it’s a must for a survivalist, prepper, or anyone who might have to defend themselves in the wild. A knife on a rope is an excellent weapon in its own right, as you can see by viewing the trailer. This is a very new way to “throw your knife”! Knife throwing just got better!

This is a Vimeo video, so the “download” link is really a Vimeo link. Just put it in your browser, and you should be on Vimeo. There is also free software that allows you to download Vimeo videos to your computer.


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