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We have some really great training videos for your enjoyment. All the videos are served from YOUTUBE and therefor once you purchase your unlimited views, you will be given the link to that YOUTUBE video. Don’t try to download the link as that won’t work. Rater there is software FREE on the web which will allow you to download video from YOUTUBE to your computer. Then you can use any software you have to make a DVD for your library. All videos are money back guaranteed so you have nothing to risk. On each video product page is a short introduction to the material on the video so you can see the quality of the video and the quality of the lesson. 

There is also one online video for the training of the self defense weapon. This is nice so you can purchase a self defense weapon and while you wait for delivery, go purchase the unlimited online views of the training video and be all ready for when your self defense weapons arrive at your door!

So remember any video is a YOUTUBE link to the video and not a download link! I’m sure you will enjoy the online training!

Master Peter Brusso

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