Which self defense weapon is right for you?


This blog post is great for looking at which self defense weapon might be best for you! However, you can see everything over at our main website of PDWS.Biz. So, I would encourage you to read here but head over to the main website. Again, that is PDWS.Biz! Enjoy...


Master Peter Brusso

Self Defense Weapon 1

The Defender 1

I get this question all the time. So, lets take a look at what we have. The defender 1 is the all around standard carry tool. It is the kindest and yet a great tool when you just need to re enforce your NO to someone. It is the kinder and more gentle way to say NO. However, that being said if you know you are going out into the wild where even if you did call for help, help wouldn't be there for some time... then I would carry a defender 2. 

Self Defense Weapon 12

The Defender 2

The defender 2 is a no nonsense tool that will produce stunning results as soon as you use it. This is the fourth in the invention line and we thought hey if one point is good then three must be better! And it was! Wow what a great tool when everything has gone to hell. Also we kept the digit capture hole for those that like to capture someone to talk them out of being a bad guy or hold them for the police. We also introduced the "saw teeth" so you can make soft tissue captures like ears, noses or lips. It's a great tool and I personally carry it when I'm hiking and know that help is 30 minutes or longer away. 

Self Defense Weapon 12

The Defender Owl

Well we have many more self defense weapons to serve your needs. Take the defender owl which is absolutely crazy when it comes to your self defense. This tool can't be used without damaging your opponent. So you only choose something this crazy when it comes to the point that you just simply don't care how much damage you do but you know you just want them to stop!

Self Defense Weapon

The Self Defense Weapon Guppy

The Self Defense Weapon "Guppy" was the first in the invention line. It can literally go anywhere you do. No sharp points or the like. But don't let it's easy look fool you. This little bad boy can really deliver some pain and just when you have to say NO to someone. We have these on air crews all over the world and they work out just great. So consider a Guppy as part of your "arsenal" of self defense weapons.


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Master Peter Brusso

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  1. Choosing a personal defense weapon for a female requires some further consideration. Typically I would stay away from batons or other melee weapons that may require a considerable amount of force to fend off a larger attacker.

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