Travel package Self Defense Weapons on the go!

$46.85 $33.48

The Travel Package is just what you need when you are going for a vacation or visiting other countries. You take the Guppy onboard the aircraft so you have a self defense weapon ready to use. Once you are in the place you were traveling too, switch out the Guppy to one of the other two defenders to have a full option of self defense. 

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Get all three of these tools for your travels. The Guppy can go anywhere with you as it has no sharp points or the like. It’s very nice to have a fully featured self defense capability to go with you in high security areas. Once you are in your destination then you can switch out to carry either the Defender 1 or the Defender Parrot. The Parrot being a more aggressive tool which you can carry if you are going into a more violent area. The cost of the individual weapons would be $46.85 but this bundled package is only $33.48!

Also don’t forget to get a lanyard!

Peel the cover off your self defense weapon!


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