Kydex SOLO holster


This is an improved return of our Kydex Holsters that fit all models with a digit capture whole! This one is sold separately so you can put it on your gear, belt loop, webgear etc. Great for quick deployment of the self defense weapon and is very durable.

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The defender 1 does not come with the SOLO Kydex Holster.

The defender 1 does not come with the SOLO Kydex Holster.

This is a very durable and great solution to carry any of our self-defense weapons that have digit capture holes! This is the SOLO holster so you can attach it to your body or gear any way you like. The holes are sized to fit Military Grade 550 Cord. Ideas for you is to run some cord thru the holster and add a snap hook or the like to put it almost anywhere you want!





The neck rig as showing above is another product so the Solo just comes… Solo you do the rest. If you want a neck Rig… look in the products or dropdown menu for lanyards.

Fits all these self defense weapons:




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